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Bad credit can overshadow any financial transaction you are about to make.

Most companies will go through your credit reputation before they plan to get into business with you.

For this reason, individuals with a diminished credit history may want to turn things around by looking at hiring a credit repair company.

It is very common that residents of Illinois will Google credit repair Chicago to start looking for a credit repair company that is local.

You may be told that you can improve your credit on your own and this is true but it may be helpful to work with a company with experience in credit repair for more efficient results.

One of your options, is to work with the trusted leaders in credit repair, Lexington Law Firm. They communicate with the bureaus and creditors on your behalf to challenge unfair, inaccurate and unverified negative items. Call today for a free credit repair consultation!

1. It Starts With Your Current Credit Reports

It means that you have to work on improving the information in your credit report. A credit report has accurate information on how good your credit score is – which is what makes you eligible for taking loans and applying for a line of credit.

A good score means you are reliable while a bad score won’t get anywhere, especially when it comes to applying for a credit card or taking out a mortgage. The higher the score, the better. Evaluating the information in your report is the first step you need to take prior to deciding what are the next steps in trying to improve your credit reports and score.

You can get a copy of your credit report from credit bureaus such as TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. This can be done by looking for information on

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2. Your Credit Score Is the Threshold

The information in your credit report makes up your credit score which then acts as a threshold to establish the condition of your credit. A low credit score is an indication that your credit history is not the best. This information is based on 5 factors, which are:

  • Recent applications
  • Type of credit accounts
  • The age of your credit history
  • Payment history
  • Debt history

After you have received your free annual reports, purchasing your credit report every time you need to check up on the information can get costly. This is why you can use companies such as Credit Karma or Credit Sesame to give you a free overview of your report. This can lead to monthly charges even when you are signing up for free trials. Be aware that there are different versions of a credit score that are created by different companies. Check to see if the service offers a myFICO score, which is generally the one most used in loan decisions.

3. Removing The Bad Stuff

Disputing or challenge your credit reports can be more of a hassle than you think.

Consumer laws allow you to challenge any inaccurate, unfair, unverified information that may be a part of your credit report and credit repair companies can help you do it.

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4. Leave It As It Is If You Can

It is not necessary that a bad credit will follow you forever.

The negative information can be a part of your credit report for up to 7 years. However, bankruptcy and tax liens that fall under Chapter 7 may remain in your report for 10 years.

A well established Chicago Credit Repair company will help you with all the credit issues.

How Do They Work?

This is Our Process

how credit scores work?

A credit score is essentially a financial tool used by lenders or creditors to assess the risk of crediting assets or money.

Financial institutions use it as a decision-making tool to mitigate the risk of incurring bad debts as much as possible. This method is valid for all kinds of lending procedures including loans, credit card issuance and other debts.

A good credit score is a kind of insurance that you are willing to pay your debts and have the financial standing for it.

Depending on where you are living, most credit companies will use a specific score to rate whether you are eligible for granting credit. myFICO scores range from the poorest possible of about 300 to a perfect score of 850. The higher your credit score the easier it should be to get a loan or a credit card. Some lender rates refer to how your credit is rated, for example between the levels of Poor credit, Average credit or Good credit.

A credit score below 630 is considered poor, from 630 to 690 it is considered average and good credit lies between 690 to 720. Anything above 720 can be considered excellent or most favorable credit.

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What to look for?

1. Make sure that the company has good reviews.

2. Repairing your credit will help your future, so do your research.

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